Please note -

It is STORE POLICY that we do not provide quotes over the phone at any of our locations.
Basically the more something is worth and the more popular it is, the more we will pay for it!

Our email is Please reach out to us with pictures of all the items you wish to get a quote on as well as the location you plan to bring it to.

How it works

Trade-Ins are the lifeblood of our business here at Stateline Video Games. It gives new life and re-homes unwanted items and also puts cash in your pocket! It's a unique way for our customers to be a bigger part of Stateline Nation!  In this way our customers also act as our vendors. It's really cool that our store shelves are lined with trade-ins from our loyal customers, a piece of their lives are on display waiting for a new home.

What are trade-ins? How does it work?
Do you have unwanted video game consoles, accessories or games sitting at home? Bring them into any of our (3) Stateline locations and our sales associates will happily test and evaluate your items and will pay cash or store credit on the spot! Store credit can be applied to any items we sell in the store and is normally a higher percentage than cash. 

What do I need to trade in?
-If you are trading in for cash you need to be at least 18 years old with valid identification.
-If you are trading in for cash and are under 18 years old, you need an adult with valid identification. 

What do we and do not take in?
Stateline takes in most anything video game related from the Original Nintendo to the PlayStation 5 and everything in between!
We reserve the right to turn away trade-ins due to condition, functionality, quality, lack of value, inventory limit or for any reason we deem a trade-in unacceptable.  

I'm missing the case for a game, a cable for a console or my controller is broken, can I still trade it in?
In many cases, yes! We take in select broken items, consoles that may be missing a wire or controller or games that don't have the original case. Every item is a case by case basis.   
 We are big on preserving gaming history, we do our best to preserve, re-purpose and refurbish gaming items. 

How much do you pay?
A lot of factors go into what we pay for specific items.
At the moment we are paying the most on handheld gaming consoles such as GameBoy Advance SP & Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon & Mario games from any generation, RPG games, Switch games, Amiibos and mostly anything Nintendo related. 

On new generation consoles, games and accessories we guarantee that we will pay more than any corporate chain stores. 

 Feel free to reach out to us about a trade by reaching out to the email below. Please provide a list and pics. We will not always be able to provide a quote but we can work to ensure any trip to our stores will be fruitful! 

Do I need an appointment?
No appointment necessary! Though during our busier times, there may be a wait. We always encourage customers to bring in trades earlier in the day but we can accommodate them at anytime up to 30 minutes prior to closing. 

Do you take trade-in donations?
Yes, we do! If you would like to help out the store, feel free to drop off any unwanted gaming items to us. If there is any value in what you donate, we would be happy to make a donation to a local charity of your choice.   
 If you do not want to take back any items that we turn away you can leave them with us and we can either re-purpose, fix, dispose of or donate them. 

Do you accept trade-ins by mail?
Yes, we do! Feel free to reach out to us about mailing in a trade by clicking on the “Trade-In” button below. Please provide a list and pictures. 

Our email is